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Gain practical leadership skills, experience, and professional development as a member of the Grassroots Global Leadership Program!

No one is a borne leader. The path to becoming a leader is a lifelong journey. It is filled with constant learning and self-awakening. Leadership is also about identifying one’s motivations and values. The Grassroots Institute has conceptualized ‘Grassroots Global Leadership Program’ (GLP) to encompass said tenets and uniquely combines them with functional learning and development with a leadership mindset. Human society worldwide needs professors, teachers, professionals, practitioners, students, scientists, researchers, experts, field executives and activists with vision and values, who inspire others, and make a positive impact on the world around them. Deliberately reflecting on Principles of Leadership, moral values and our high-quality mentorship, we have created this distinctive program that commits to leadership excellence. Further understanding of what leadership constitutes may be developed by reading additional notes.

Core of the GLP is to inspire our future leaders. The program aims at accompanying seasoned experts and budding academic/professional fellows with the ability and the mindset to enter the world to meaningfully lead and serve others. Young Fellows and Senior Fellows will regularly participate in Global Lectures and hone their knowledge and leadership characteristics. They take an intrinsic look at their own values while similarly discovering the traits of successful leaders.

GLP is conscientiously designed recognizing that Fellows serve in positions where they lead and make influential decisions. They also influence government decisions, regulations and policy. Appreciating the complexity of how all decisions are woven together is a significant component of leadership program. Our goal is for the Fellows to acquire and recognize the competence, poise, honesty, inspiration, vision, resiliency, and focus that comprise a leader. We commit to providing the Fellows with the platform to push them in an upward trajectory that uses their expertise to serve the common good and create a better world for all.

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The Grassroots Institute Announces Special Fellows 2022-25

The Grassroots Global Leadership Program (GLP) invites Special Fellows 2022-25 on the two special themes: 1) Natural Resource Law & Governance, and 2) Pastures and Pastoralism. These Special Fellows cannot be on the themes other than these two themes. The deadline for applications is 10 December 2022. The interested applicants will follow the common guidelines and workplan preparation procedures. There is no separate guideline for Special Fellows.

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